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The gate to magical Pelion


A major industrial center and port

The city of Volos is the capital of Magnesia that belongs to the region of Thessaly. It is located in central Greece between Athens and Thessaloniki, in an almost equal distance. Built between the Pagasetic Gulf, at the foothills of Mt. Pelion and near the ancient city of Iolkos, Volos is considered to be one of the most beautifully diverse and important cities of Greece, with a population of about 145.000 inhabitants. Each year it attracts thousands of visitors from Greece and abroad while its natural beauties, attractions and the fact that it combines the mountain with the sea explain why it is among the first choices of many travelers. It is no coincidence that the great writer Menelaos Loudemis described Volos as "one of life`s great generosities."

Nowadays, Volos is undoubtedly among the most beautiful cities in Greece. It features great modern touristic infrastructure that provides all amenities for an ideal and pleasant stay and many attractions as well as religious monuments. Volos is easily accessible from every part of the country and is situated very close to the airport of New Aghialos, where flights are frequently operated. It is a new and upcoming civil airport, which constantly adds new destinations providing safe and regular links to cities across Europe with economic tickets. Additionally, Volos has one of the largest ports in Greece, which is frequently hosting cruise ships, is a point from where goods are freighted and boat trips to the islands of Sporades and many destinations are made.

Exploring nearby

A delightful experience to remember

If you visit Volos, walk along the lovely coastal road that features a variety of cafes and restaurants. You will enjoy walking towards the church of Agios Constantinos and the area of Anauros, having a coffee with the company of astonishing views of the Pagasetic Gulf. Close to Volos are the beautiful beaches of Anauros, Alykes and the uniquely beautiful beaches of Pelion.

Of special interest are the religious attractions that stand out for their distinctive architecture. The church of Agios Nikolaos in the center of the city is exceptional and from time to time, various events are being organized in its large exterior yard. The city offers to visitors the ability to visit numerous cultural sights, museums, art centers and galleries but also a great variety of alternatives for entertainment.


Some of the most important pages of Greek mythology are devoted in Magnesia. It is said that founder of the area was Magnis, son of Aeolus, who settled in Pelion. The area is famous for the myth of the Argonauts, who embarked on a quest with Pagasses, port of Iolkos, as their starting point. Jason’s task was to return from the kingdom of Colchis with the Golden Fleece. The shipwright Argos from whom the ship took its name undertook the construction, with the help of goddess Athena and timber from the forests of Pelion. Argo had fifty oars and it is said that Athena placed in its prow a magical piece of timber originating from the sacred talking oak of Dodona. All the Greek heroes of the time took part in the campaign, fifty in number, including Hercules and Odesseus. Argo and the legendary Argonauts are considered a huge part of the area`s history, an emblem and symbol for the city of Volos.

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Location and Distances

Location: Thessaly, Pagasetic Gulf

Volos, originating from ancient Magnesia, is one of the oldest residential areas in Greece dating back to the 7th millennium B.C. and bearing since then a continuous cultural presence. Nowadays, the city projects with pride its rich historical background following international standards and the latest developments in tourism. Today Volos is a nice provincial town with many different entertainment options and combined with the natural beauty of Pelion, it forms an idyllic destination all year round.


  • Portaria 12km
  • Ano Lechonia Village 12km
  • Milies Village 28 km
  • Makrinitsa Village 10 km
  • Zagora Village 44 km
  • Mouresi 44 km
  • Kissos Village 37 km
  • Tsagarada Village 46 km
  • Agios Ioannis Village 44 km
  • Volos Airport 24 km
  • Thessaloniki Airport 240 km
  • Athens Airport 347 km


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