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Pelion Voucher Terms of Use

All you need to know

regarding the use of Pelion Voucher

  • 1

    This Pelion Voucher is a pre-purchased service for 2 persons, or as noted, and constitutes part of the Easy go Pelion Package (Pelion’s carefree holiday pass) allowing the Holder to Enjoy Pelion's all around advantages.

    It is not issued to a named Holder. The Holder of the Pelion Voucher is entitled to the services described therein.
  • 2

    The value listed refers only to the specific affiliated business, hereafter referred to as the "BUSINESS", which is required based on the agreement with the PELION VOUCHER management company, hereinafter "LES HIRONDELLES", to unreservedly agree to redeem the nominal value of the voucher for the customer, hereinafter the "HOLDER", within its validity period. It is expressly agreed between the contracting parties that any costs incurred over and above the value stated on the specific PELION VOUCHER, and which exceed the nominal value of consumption by the HOLDER will be paid directly to the BUSINESS by the HOLDER. LES HIRONDELLES is not responsible to the BUSINESS for any extraneous consumption by HOLDERS.
  • 3

    The dates that the Pelion Voucher is valid are specifically stated and follow the number of the Pelion Voucher and Easy go Pelion Package (Pelion’s carefree holiday pass) which appears at the time of pre-purchasing the holiday or services package.

    The BUSINESS cannot accept expired vouchers. Verifying the validity of the Pelion Voucher is up to the BUSINESS, which must either use the electronic monitoring system provided by LES HIRONDELLES or, if that is not possible, it must contact LES HIRONDELLES directly to verify validity before redeeming vouchers for services.
  • 4

    The HOLDER has already been offered a discount for the values of the Easy go Pelion Package (Pelion’s carefree holiday pass), which are outlined on the brochures or the websites.

    HOLDERS receive the mandatory receipts stipulated by Greek Law and the Tax Code from the LES HIRONDELLES sales point with regard to the final price after the discount and specifically for services received with the pre-purchase of the PELION VOUCHER.

    Receipts for any additional expenses incurred over and above the stated value of the PELION VOUCHER will be issued by the BUSINESS.
  • 5

    HOLDERS are informed about the availability of Pelion Vouchers included in a Easy go Pelion Package (Pelion’s carefree holiday pass) and their management during the pre-purchasing process, as well as about receiving them and the conditions governing certain categories of Pelion Vouchers where the BUSINESS requires advance booking by LES HIRONDELLES to ensure availability.

    LES HIRONDELLES is responsible and competent for ensuring that all services included in an Easy go Pelion Package (Pelion’s carefree holiday pass) are implemented so that the HOLDER can redeem the values and receive the services provided by the Pelion Voucher without impediment.
  • 6

    The HOLDER is informed of the terms for managing the redemption of the Easy go Pelion Package (Pelion’s carefree holiday pass) at the time of purchase from official LES HIRONDELLES sales points, which are listed on official brochures, on the official website, on authorised sites, and with tour operators authorised by LES HIRONDELLES.

Further information regarding Easy go Pelion Package (Pelion’s carefree holiday pass) and Pelion Vouchers is available at


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