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"The Lady of Pelion welcomes you"


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Of all the villages in Pelion, Portaria has been the greatest in terms of commercial growth since it has long experienced eras of prosperity and wealth. It is built on the western slopes of Pelion, north of Volos in a lush green hillside with flowing waters and panoramic views of the Pagasetic Gulf and the surrounding villages. Occasionally it has been given many names such as “The Lady of Pelion” and “The lady at the entrance” as it is the first village the visitor meets, when heading towards the mountain peak and in that way it “welcomes” travelers.

During the Slavic settlement in Greece, the first establishment was called Dryanoubaina. At the end of the Byzantine period, many monasteries such as Panagia Portarea, were built in the area, and the rest of the settlement grew around it. The village bares its name from this 13thcent. Monastery. Thereafter and until the 18th century, the village had grown into an important commercial center. The farmers were mainly engaged in farming, trading and processing silk, thus explaining the rapid growth in these areas.

If you ever decide to visit Portaria, take enough time and discover many interesting sights. It features, like most of Pelion`s villages, many large neoclassical mansions built in Thessalian/Macedonian style with stone slab roofs showing the wealth that the area knew, many of which today operate as guesthouses.

Exploring Nearby

The realm of Chiron the Wise

Embedded in the village` s picturesque character are the classic cobbled streets, beautiful trails and fountains with fresh spring water. We advise you to walk the path of Centaurs in a trip around the village and marvel at the lush vegetation and nature's unique beauty. In the area of Karavos, calm your senses, feel the serenity the beautiful waterfall offers. These waters originate from Mana fountain, located higher, in a landscape with a paved square. The village features 3 squares, where you can enjoy moments of relaxation after your daily walks.

The central “Melina Merkouri” square, where most cultural events take place, Adamenas square, from where the path towards Mana fountain begins and Taxiarchon square with its stone church. If you ever visit the main square do not miss to admire “Theoxenia”, the ruins in restoration of the first and most luxurious hotel in the Balkans of the prewar period. The churches are many as well and Panagia Portarea, as mentioned above, from which the village took its name, certainly stands out. The monastery was built around 1273.

Cultural events

Besides sightseeing, visitors will have the chance to attend in a series of cultural events that take place in the village throughout the year. These events have a wide range, from a flower exhibition in May, where one can marvel at a unique view of the village, full of fragrances and colors, dance festivals organized in summer (Children’s folk dance festival and International folk dance festival) where you can enjoy numerous events whether it is traditional music and dances or the revival of the traditional Pelion wedding every August, which is considered to be a special event of significant importance.

Useful Info

Location and Distances

Location:Western Pelion

Western Pelion strongly emits tradition, history and offers memorable images. Here you can find old traditional villages with stone paved squares, mountain, fairytale-like, paths, small taverns that feature greek local dishes and many types of accommodation. The area also offers wonderful exploration opportunities and a large selection of outdoor activities. An open gate to the mountains secrets, a destination worth visiting all year round.


  • Agria Village 16 km
  • Makrinitsa Village 3 km
  • Agios Ioannis 32 km
  • Damouchari Beach 35 km
  • Mouresi Village 32 km
  • Kissos Village 25 km
  • Tsagarada Village 35 km
  • Zagora Village 32 km
  • Volos City 12 km
  • Volos Airport 36 km


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