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Pelion, the legendary summer residence of the 12 Olympian Gods, the birth place of Centaurs and homeland of the Argonauts, welcomes you!

Pelion Peninsula

A unique destination

Vacations in the land of the Centaurs, among enchanting picturesque villages and fairytale-like sandy creeks, is a unique and memorable experience.

Northwestern of the beautiful city of Volos, rises Pelion Mountain, heading south both towards the Aegean and Pagasetic Gulf, where it «dives» into the deep, blue, crystal-like, water. The beauty of Pelion and its surrounding areas make it seem as if it is part of fairytales and stories. No wonder it’s connected to so many myths and tales of gods, and heroes. It is said to be the birth place of Centaurs and the home land of Argonauts. It is the place, where centaur Chiron passed on his wisdom and knowledge to many warriors and gods, where semi gods used to hunt and where the famous beauty contest between Thetis and Eris took place. Pelion, nature’s favorite child was the connecting link between Gods and mortals.

All the great poets and authors have written about it. Pelion’s greatness inspired the Fathers of the historically famous Greek Revolution and it stood by as a hideaway to all those who were fighting for their freedom. Thus Pelion became a symbol. Something you can fully experience only if you ever find yourself in Pelion`s serene nature and breathe in the fresh and calm air that is the most dominant element, giving you a unique feeling of freedom and revitalization that accompanies you in your everyday activities, even improves your quality of sleep at night.

Inner state Pelion is densely covered by flowers of all kinds and colors, evergreen aromatic shrubs full of therapeutic properties and high shady trees that hide mountain villages inside them next to a mountain torrent that sometimes seem to reign like an aerie on the rugged summits. To the east Pelion slopes away to the wild romantic coasts of Aegean Sea, while to the west it ends in the calm and plentiful Pagasetic Gulf.

No other region in Greece than Pelion, can offer to tourists this indescribable serene feeling that creates romantic moments as well as provides opportunities for adventure.

In Pelion you will find astonishing golden beaches and secluded bays, some of them only accessible by sea, just a few steps away from picturesque, traditional villages. Aside from its divine atmosphere, there are thousands of reasons why people for so many years think of Pelion as the ideal place to enjoy their holidays or even settle here permanently. It’s dense forests, olive groves, endless acres of fruitful trees, vegetables and medicinal herbs, its mild and favorable climate, the fact that it’s only a few km away from Volos, but most of all it’s warm, pleasantly affable and smiling people make it a heaven on earth.

We welcome you to enjoy unforgettable vacations!


on “Pelion Wheels”

Easy Go Pelion Package “Enjoy Pelion's all around advantages”, gives you the chance to admire unique images and live unforgettable experiences. Everything is included. All in one. Pelion and your holidays with the use of Pelion Vouchers.

Pelion is said to be the summer residence of the 12 Olympian gods, the home of Centaurs and the land of the Argonauts. Let us welcome you to this magnificent location that combines the Mountain with the sea but also tradition and culture with natural beauty, ecological importance and unique local architecture. The wealth of Pelion is expressed through charming mountainous and coastal villages, lush green routes, paved and cobble stoned paths and singularly beautiful beaches on the Aegean Sea and the calm Pagasetic Gulf.

The outstanding architecture and natural landscape is not the only factor that will win you over. Furthermore, it is the ongoing and continuous efforts of hospitable businesses to improve the quality of their services, from dining and accommodation to a variety of alternative forms of tourism. Here in Pelion, exploration and adventure never stop, offering unparalleled sights, the essence of nature at its finest, local gastronomic delights,activities providing exciting experiences, and mountain as well as seaside resorts that guarantee unforgettable holidays all year round.

No matter how many days you have at your disposal, you have the opportunity to discover all of the secrets and virtues of Pelion with Pelion Vouchers that allow you to enjoy all the highlights of each destination by providing the best available options and benefits.

Use our transportation services, enjoy a comfortable ride on our buses, feel safe with experienced professional drivers and let us lead you to the best locations in Pelion, to admire unique images and contradictions that will remain unforgettable.

Beautiful landscapes, rich forested mountain slopes, villages hidden in verdure, steep gorges and cliffs, melodiously flowing waters and charming beaches are just some of the features of the exquisite nature of Pelion, waiting to attract and charm every visitor!

Get to know all of Pelion through the use of Pelion Vouchers, travel to all Pelion destinations with Pelion Wheels and let us guarantee that you will have the most carefree holidays ever.

Everything is included. All in one. Pelion and your holidays with the use of Pelion Vouchers.


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