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"Value for Money"

our key principle

We are actively engaged in the business of tourism and related activities, for more than half a century in Pelion.

Born in Pelion and following the footsteps of our pioneering ancestors, we decided in 1980 to settle permanently in this blessed land and to build a business that combines the advantages of Pelion's unique natural beauty with its wealth of cultural features to meet the travel needs of visitors in the area.

We believe in the importance of Enjoy Pelion's all around benefits for today's visitors as a

framework that highlights the diversity offered by the magnificent Pelion region, offering selected options that stand out for their quality and striving to remain true to our key principle of ensuring "Value for Money" through the options we provide.

We believe in introducing innovations in services for our visitors, whereby developments in expertise and technology allow us to offer numerous "smart" options with great potential, combined with the diversity available through an alternative tourism product and related services.

What it offers you

By purchasing Easy Go Pelion Packages, you can enjoy a wide range of services with up to 30% discount
offered through Pelion Vouchers

Greek Flavors


Enjoy simple fresh materials such as mushrooms, chestnuts, walnuts, apples, greens and herbs which are all locally produced, in Pelion region. While enjoying your everyday meals don`t forget to ask for local specialties, like the famous “spetzofai”, that are all prepared with care and top quality raw materials.

Drinks and more

drink175 copy

By the mountain or the sea and with stunning views accompanying your everyday activities, you can discover points of sales and enjoy worldwide famous cocktails or try out the famous local beverage “Tsipouro”.

Having fun!


Pelion has several traditions and social cultural events that you can attend. In Pelion, however, the choices you have are numerous since the mountain and the sea offer a wide range of alternative activities. Adventure lovers and those who want to escape from every day’s stress can use their voucher and enjoy kayaking, hiking, canyoning or boat trips.

Rental Services


You have the possibility to rent a car, motorcycle, mountain bikes or a boat and explore every small village on the road. Tip: by renting a boat you can visit isolated coasts of unique beauty!

Explore around

map pin pelion voucher

Beautiful landscapes, villages hidden in verdure, steep gorges and cliffs, impressive mountains, melodiously flowing waters and charming beaches are just some of the features that you`ll discover in Pelion`s charming nature.

Enjoy Pelion with

Easy Go Pelion Packages

The Easy Go Pelion packages, Enjoy Pelion's all around benefits are holiday packages that we develop and offer that include combinations of accommodation and activities, which reflect the cultural reserves of our region. We create goods and services that are most authentic and representative of this unique area.

Les Hirondelles travel agency, along with a group of carefully selected, small local businesses, have created a practical tool for visitors in a joint promotional effort based on Pelion Voucher as its main element

for authentic, all-inclusive services in Pelion.

With Easy Go Pelion Packages, visitors pre-purchase services and take advantage of big discounts, in accommodation, dining, transport, activities, tours and access to events that take place all over Mountain Pelion.

So we invite you to create your own holiday package and we are ready to help you enjoy a greater freedom of choice and savings and above all unique travel experiences.

Pelion's Easy Go Packages

combined with Pelion Vouchers

Pelion's Easy Go Packages are holiday packages of pre-purchased services that LES HIRONDELLES office puts together for visitors.

The packages are available in four categories: BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD and TAILOR MADE, based on the quality and quantity of their components or variety of them, and provide buyer with a holiday package that allows him to Enjoy Pelion's all around benefits. Services are offered through Pelion Vouchers in cooperation with affiliated businesses.

Pelion Vouchers

  • Hotel Voucher
  • Μenu Voucher
  • Snacks&Coffee Voucher
  • Drinks Voucher
  • Activities Voucher
  • Events Voucher
  • Wellness Voucher
  • Gift Voucher
  • Eco Pelion Voucher
  • Rental Voucher
  • Tour Voucher
  • Pelion Pass Voucher
  • Tailor Made Voucher
Learn more about Pelion Vouchers

Watch how Easy Go Pelion Package works, plan your next holiday in Greece,
and enjoy dining, drinking, entertainment and free transfer all over Pelion with big discounts and money-carefree!


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