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"The little train of Pelion"


Imposing Character

In central Pelion, the Centaurs` Mountain, there stands the village of Milies, one of the most popular destinations of all Pelion. Nestled in a verdant slope, it combines perfectly natural beauty with tourism development and actively projects its strong intellectual heritage and historical background. The village`s earliest written mention dates from 1510, with significant evidences, however, that the village was inhabited much earlier. It is said that the founders, were villagers from Milies, Evia, who left their village and settled in Pelion in order to take refuge from pirate attacks. Thus the village`s orientation is explained, as it is protected by not being visible from the sea or vice versa.

Milies is Central Pelion`s head village and is visited every year by thousands of people who come to admire the sights and Pelion`s traditional architecture. It is close to other significant Pelion villages as well, like Vizitsa and Pinakates and Koropi.The neighboring village of Vizitsa, emits an intense feeling of nobility and features excellent and fiercely preserved traditional architecture.That is because in Vizitsa, you will admire a lot of old, historic restored mansions and beautiful ornate three storey tower houses that have received, as well as the whole village, the “golden apple” award,as one of the most well preserved settlements in Greece.

Koropi on the other hand, is a small settlement in the Pagasetic Gulf that is easily accessible from Volos. Koropi, along with its beach, Boufa, which is the closest one you will find from Milies, serves as the port village and is a beautiful destination for your summer vacations that is worth visiting.

Exploring Nearby

A trip to Central Pelion`s history

The village is a significant part of Pelion`s history and features many sights and attractions. At first, do not miss visiting the church of Pammegiston Taxiarchon (1741), which is particularly interesting because, judging from the exterior, it doesn`t resemble a traditional church for it was built during the Ottoman period and didn't have a bellower or other religious symbols. Opposite to the church is the village`s public library and near to the central square is the town hall that houses the Milies folk museum. Finally, do not miss visiting the

church of Agios Nicolaos, the burial ground of the great names of the enlightenment era that were born in Milies such as Anthimos Gazis, Daniil Filippidis and Grigorios Konstantas but also the cave where, according to myth, lived Centaur Chiron. Koropi is a village that bears great archeological interest, as it used to be an ancient city (5th cent. B.C.), the site of which can be found in Palaiopyrgos area. In the area of Ramnos, near to the main road, the temple and oracle of Apollo, which was dedicated to Zeus, are located.

Cultural events

The most recognized attraction associated with Milies is the little train of Pelion, also known as “Mountzouris”. Every year the historic railroad attracts thousands of visitors from all over Greece and abroad. Constructed in the 19th cent. by the Italian engineer Evaristo de Chirico, father of the famous artist Giorgio de Chirico, it is known to have one of the smallest railway tracks in the world (60cm). At the time it connected Milies with Volos and climbed up the mountain for 76 years, from 1895 to 1971, transfered people and goods, thus contributing significantly to the region` s sharp growth. Today it offers a marvelous 1,5h trip , running between the village of Ano Lechonia and Milies, offering striking images of rare beauty.

Useful Info

Location and Distances

Location:Central Pelion

Central Pelion elegantly combines tradition and nature with culture and history and offers to visitors countless mesmerizing images along with an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with a considerable part of Pelion`s history. It is worth spending time on exploring as much as you can during your holidays in Central Pelion, whether you are a summer enthusiast or a winter adventurer.

Distances from Milies

  • Vizitsa Village 2 km
  • Koropi Village 8 km
  • Kala Nera Village 9 km
  • Afissos Village 12 km
  • Agria Village 20 km
  • Tsagarada Village 23 km
  • Kissos Village 34 km
  • Agios Ioannis 32 km
  • Volos City 27,5 km
  • Volos Airport 52 km


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