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"Refresh under the shade of trees"


Serene and quiet

Kissos is a small mountainous settlement at an altitude of 520m and only 55 km away from Volos. It has dense vegetation consisting of beech, chestnut and walnut trees that make the village seem hidden in their foliage. It’s one of the quietest villages of east Pelion with uninterrupted view towards the Aegean Sea, where you can enjoy relaxing holidays that combine the mountain with the sea. Its name is probably due to the Ivy plant (Greek: kissos), that is usually wrapped around the trunks of tall trees, always trying to reach higher and higher, searching for sunlight..

Regarding the name origin, there is also the version of the historian G. Kordatos according to which, the name derives from the misuse of the word “chrisos” (Greek: gold). That is due to the fact that, previously, in the area of Kissos, an ore mine of gold was discovered and every time the villagers talked about the precious metal, they always referred to it as “K’so”, thus giving the village its name. An important milestone in the village`s history was the operation since 1753 of the Greek school, where, during the Turkish domination, Rigas Feraios briefly taught.

Furthermore, you will discover that the village features various chapels such as Agios Constantinos and Agios Efstathios, to which a beautiful path leads. However, the main attraction that you can`t miss, when visiting Kissos, is the famous three aisled basilica church of Agia Marina located in the cobbled square and is considered one of the finest religious monuments in Pelion.

Exploring Nearby

Enjoy moments of relaxation

During your stay n Kissos, a walk through the dense forest of majestic beeches and chestnuts, can offer you a sense of fulfillment, through nature. For your summer vacation, the village offers access to beautiful beaches of the Aegean Sea like Ai-Giannis, Papa Nero and Damouchari. If, however, you visit the village during winter, you can have ski courses at the nearby ski center. Of course, in any time of the year you can enjoy walks on the kalderimi paths as three magnificent trails start from there, one of them leading to Hania, the village on mountain`s top.

Moreover, next to the stunning church of Agia Marina, you will find a small museum, that features icons and woodcuts of rare art from the Byzantine period. Finally, Kissos has several taverns and restaurants where you can taste traditional Pelion appetizers and experience yourself the villagers` warm hospitality. If you are interested in buying a souvenir from the village to remember this unforgettable experience by, the best thing is to buy plants and flowers such as hydrangeas or gardenias favored by the climate of Pelion.

Cultural events

Two important cultural events are held in the village, all of them deriving from the village`s religious wealth that is expressed through the exemplary architecture of the churches found in the area. These events are dedicated to celebrating the Saints. One of them takes place on the 17th of July each year celebrating Agia Marina, with the homonymous church that each year attracts thousands of visitors who come to admire its spectacular beauty and craftsmanship, with traditional music and dancing, while the other fair is organized on the 20th of September celebrating Agios Eustathios with the atmosphere being equally festive.

Useful Info

Location and Distances

Location: Eastern Pelion

Pelion is considered to be one of the most imposing mountain landscapes. In eastern Pelion you will find traditional villages of astonishing beauty. From April to October and during summer season, bring yourself closer to nature by exploring numerous mountain paths and discovering their beauty and mystical charm, enjoy the small taverns with greek cuisine as well as many types of accommodation and always a large selection of outdoor activities.


  • Agria Village 30 km
  • Makrinitsa Village 27 km
  • Agios Ioannis 8 km
  • Damouchari Beach 12 km
  • Mouresi Village 8 km
  • Tsagarada Village 11 km
  • Zagora Village 17 km
  • Volos City 36 km
  • Volos Airport 61 km


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