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Visitors who select the Gold Easy Go Pelion Holiday Package are the big winners, since it combines a number of services during their stay and provides huge discounts on the actual value of the holiday package.

Aside from the big discount available through the use of PELION VOUCHERS, which is at least 15%, visitors also enjoy a number of selected services, shopping opportunities and other benefits included in the package.

Gold Pass holders have already pre-purchased services at low prices for a period of usually 6 days. These include daily transfers, participation in activities and the use of Vouchers that allow visitors to get to know the region as they benefit from unique experiences through the activities that take place during their stay.

The Gold Easy Go Pelion Packages are usually created for more demanding visitors.

Do you know?

Everything you need to make your own selection of services available throughout the Pelion region - all in a money-saving package providing a wealth of services and shopping opportunities. Each day will be a day filled with services and activities we have put together just for you.


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