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Damouchari is built around the only natural port in the eastern part of the Pelion, a small village with few permanent residents, in the Aegean coastline. It consists of two small bays separated by a strip of land. In the northern bay you find the small picturesque port where boats and ships moor and where you can enjoy fresh seafood in the few taverns. In the southern part of the village, you can enjoy a swim in the stunning beach, which Damouchari is famous for, around the world. The beach is called by the locals “Old Damouchari” and its characteristics are the crystal blue waters, its white round pebbles and the sea caves.

Visitors find here a dreamy village of unique beauty and unusual serenity. On the peninsula that connects the two bays are the ruins of a medieval castle. According to history, founders of the village were some Venetian sailors during the Venetian domination of the Mediterranean who used Damouchari as a refueling and resting station for long journeys. In Damouchari the blue of the sea appears more intense, the trees and the flowers more vibrant and the air crisp and fresh. Over the past years it was the only port in eastern Pelion, facing great periods of commercial growth as mountain villages were supplied with goods through it.

Exploring Nearby

Idyllic village from the scenes of Hollywood

Damouchari features unique, picturesque and charming locations. This is perhaps a reason why it was chosen as a set for the shooting of “Mamma Mia!” the most successful musical of all time that was filmed throughout the Aegean. Undeniably you will agree that Damouchari is one of the most romantic and beautiful locations in Pelion. The village has a small picturesque church, Agios Nicolas, which contains exquisite murals of Ioannis Pagonis and other unknown folk artists from 1800. The handmade wooded temple.

Built in 1747, is wondrous and marvelous to behold. Calmness, tranquility and being close to nature are what vacations in Damouchari is all about. If you are athletic and love hiking, you can go walking on the “kalderimi” paths and the cobbled streets. These paths were used until recent years for transferring goods with the help of donkeys. One of these, also named “kagkiolia” starts from the small canyon at the end of the beach and leads to Tsagarada through a very scenic route, while another leads to the neighboring beach of Papa Nero.

Mamma Mia! The Movie!

Damouchari still preserves today its old charm, with the exception of a few new houses, taverns and guesthouses that were added. That is why it exudes charm and a strong sense of nostalgia. Its wild beauty gives you the sense of being somewhere exotic. All the above, were the main reason why Hollywood producers were attracted to film scenes for the famous movie Mamma Mia, starring Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan. Certainly a special event for the few villagers, as they saw their area being displayed around the world, met Hollywood stars and experienced what it takes for such a production to come to life. For the needs of the movie, the village was literally converted to look like an island.

Useful Info

Location and Distances

Location: Eastern Pelion

Damouchari as well as all of Eastern Pelion is full of tradition, history and beautiful images. Here you can find beaches of stunning beauty, sea caves, old traditional villages, mountain paths, small taverns that feature greek and local cuisine, many types of accommodation and a large selection of outdoor activities. From Damouchari, the beaches of Agios Ioannis and Papa Nero can be reached after 4km.


  • Papa Nero Beach 2,5 km
  • Plaka Beach 3,8 km
  • Mouresi Village 4,4 km
  • Kissos Village 11 km
  • Tsagarada Village 8,4 km
  • Zagora Village 24 km
  • Volos City 47 km
  • Volos Airport 70 km


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