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"The cosmopolitan destination of West Pelion"


Lost in olive groves

Afissos is one of the most cosmopolitan resorts of Pelion. It is amphitheatrically built amidst olive groves, it is well organized with tourist facilities but it has retained all its traditional charm. The village’s white houses are located on the mountain slope and overlook the Pagasetic Gulf. This way the entire village is surrounded by olive trees and stretches all the way down to the sea. Its traditional architecture has its roots in the beginning of the previous century, and many of the mansions of that period still stand today.

Afetes (Niaou) is a central Pelion village, spread out over a verdant ridge of hillside with vast olive groves and a panoramic view of the Pagasitic Gulf, above the beach of Afissos. It is gifted with rich nature and unlimited view towards the sea. During your stay in Afetes,you can admire the traditional Pelion architecture that characterizes the village and walk along the charming kalderimi paths.

The main square, named “Square of Love" will offer you coolness during summer with its plane trees and the traditional taverns. Distinct characteristic of the village are the three stone bridges that lay above the three ravines crossing the village ending in the sea.

Exploring Nearby

Walk in the Argonauts` Paths

Follow the traditional cobbled paths of Afissos, one of which leading to the scenic square where it has been argued that in this place was located the ancient city Afetes. In the area, according to myth, Argonauts were supplied with water. Actually, it its remarkable that at the center of the village, at its central square, there is a fountain that cools its visitors. Century old plane trees and two small bridges surround the square providing the necessary shade and refreshment for its guests. From the upper side of the square of Afissos,

sets off a newly-built flagstone alley, which goes past the right side of the church of Agia Marina and through an exciting and interesting route in the olive groves, after passing over the old stone arched bridge, you arrive in the village`s central square. At the central paved square with the big plane trees, you can rest in the two taverns and admire the carved in wood iconostasis as well as the icons, created by the local religious painter Ioannis Niotis, in the church of Agios Ioannis Prodromos, built in 1802 by the craftsman Dimos Zipaniotis.

Cultural events

During summer season, many cultural events are organized in the area. To begin with, the event known as "Argonautika" is held in honour of “Jason and the Argonauts”, including theatrical performances and concerts. In summer there are fascinating cultural events staged at Afetes, and many local customs are revived, such as the Klidona or 'fortune-telling' tradition on the 24th of June. The main products of the village are olives, oil, apples and pears. Continue your walk and stop to the religious monuments of the village, the church of Agia Marina and the stone chapel of Prophitis Ilias. For the celebration of Agia Marina, on the 17th of July, a fair is held with traditional music and dances.

Useful Info

Location and Distances

Location:Central Pelion

On Central Pelion, Afissos is a famous coastal, touristic resort, 26kmaway from Volos, through the seaside road. From the central road you will find the crossing that leads to Afissos, and undoubtedly, it is worth visiting it. It is surrounded by the beautiful coasts of Pagasetic Gulf and is embraced by lush nature. Afissos is a lively summer resort and it is in close distance to some of the most popular villages of Pelion.


  • Afetes Village 3 km
  • Kala Nera Village 8 km
  • Milies Village 12 km
  • Argalasti Village 13 km
  • Milina Village 23 km
  • Portaria Village 30 km
  • Tsagarada Village 30 km
  • Chania Ski center 34 km
  • Volos City 26 km
  • Volos Airport 50 km


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